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Meet KlubKitten

As a passionate cat lover and a traveller, it has always been a challenge for me to find a caring, trustworthy and professional sitter for my two cats while I am away. As much as I want to take them with me or leave them with a good friend or a family member, I know cats need comfort of their own home, and they need someone who is compassionate, knowledgeable and committed to serve them. That is why I have decided to provide other fellow cat lovers with the service I have always looked for. And this is why you need to look no further than KlubKitten.
I also hold a professional liability insurance, legal guarantee in addition to a diploma of feline behaviour and psychology.

What my kittens say about me

Sir Stilton Douglas

"She understands us pretty well for a human. She even lets me chew on her hair in bed at night. Maybe she is a cat without a tail, she just does not know it."

Kiri-Mousse Emmanuelle

"If I could choose any human to live with, I would still choose her: of course I won't let her know it, though".

Meet KlubKitten

KlubKitten was established in 2020 as a cat-sitting service in Paris, with a mission to spread our love for cats and strengthen the bond between cats and humans.

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